Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Update from the Wall of Death on the Hearthside Homes site

Due to all the pressure from the public,press, The US Fish and Wildlife Service, and conservation organizations like the Bolsa Chica Land Trust and the Audubon Society, the developer has put up a chain link fence behind the glass wall with a brown fabric over it. The only problem with this idea is that now the trees reflect into the glass and the birds will think they are flying into trees instead of flying into a glass wall.

Ed Mountford now says they will have a biologist monitor the wall and document the bird deaths. I just got back last night from out of town, and will be going out daily. I found a dead female Anna's Hummingbird a few feet from the wall this morning. She was still warm when I collected her. What were they thinking? Almost a mile of glass next to one of the most important wetland areas in Southern California does this make sense to you?.

There is a story in the Orange County Register here:

and the LA Times here:

The daily Green has an article here:

Dead female Anna's hummingbird found this morning.

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