Monday, March 10, 2008

Southern California wildflowers

My family and I went out to the Santa Rosa Plateau on Sunday. The wildflowers on the hills north of Lake Elsinore were beautiful. The hills on either side of I-15 were covered in patches of orange, yellow, and purple. Lupine, California poppies, baby blue eyes, were among the flowers in bloom.


Walking on trails through the flowers

Wild Hyacinths and California poppies

Ground pinks color the meadows at the Santa Rosa Plateau

Shooting stars in the grasses as the Santa Rosa Plateau

If you have never been to the Santa Rosa Plateau Reserve, I highly recommend a visit. There are a number of trails through the grasslands and oak savannas. It is quiet and peaceful. The entrance fee is $ 2.00 per person. Spring is a wonderful time to visit.
On the vernal pool trail one can walk on a boardwalk over a large vernal pool and see tadpoles and fairy shrimp. The pools are called vernal (spring) pools because they will be dry by the summer. All of the organisms in the pool have to complete their life cycles in just a few months.

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