Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Santa Rosa Plateau and Chocolate Lilies

I love the Santa Rosa Plateau. There are miles of trails, vernal pools, amazing wildflowers in the spring, and peace and quiet. All this only a few miles from the I-15. The Plateau is over 8,000 acres of what Southern California used to be like. It was saved from a huge housing development in the early 1990's by a local group of citizens and the Nature Conservancy, and is now part of the Riverside County Park system.

Chocolate Lilies were scattered in the grasses along the trails
Red-Tailed hawks were riding the thermals in the late morning
This Red-Shouldered Hawk was doing an aerial display, swooping up and down over the trees.
Ground pinks were along the trail near the large vernal pool.

Wild Hyacinth

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