Thursday, April 1, 2010

Carrizo Plain National Monument

The Carrizo Plain is in a remote area of Southern California between the I-5 and San Luis Obispo. It is what California may have been like hundreds of years ago. It is an open expanse of grasslands with gentle rolling hills. It is quiet. Wind and birds are all one hears along with an occasional drone of bees pollinating the flowers at this time of year. There are no gas stations, or stores nearby. The campground has no water, and you pack out what you bring in. Go there.
Owl's clover
Great horned owl in nest. The campground where we stayed had some of the only trees in the area. Consequently there were a host of bird species in the area.
Moonrise over the Temblor Hills
Red-tailed hawk being harassed by a red-winged black bird
The campground shortly after dawn
Wild Hyacinth
In the hills behind the campground
Miles of fiddleneck and Phacelia gave the floor of the plain an orange and purple glow
California poppy
Stork's bill and goldfields paint the fields and hillsides

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