Tuesday, January 11, 2011


These wolf tracks were in the snow by the side of the road that traverses the Lamar Valley. This is the only road open to cars in the park during the winter. Down the road to the east we came across the male wolf below at a kill made the night before.
90% of the time when wolves are present so are ravens. Ravens can't open the body of an elk or other large mammal by themselves, but the wolves can. Ravens have been seen playing with wolf pups as they emerge from their dens in the spring. Ravens also play with adult wolves as well as the pups. Wolves don't kill ravens, but they will kill other birds and animals that approach their kills.
There is a hypothesis that ravens may even lead wolves to weak prey as they fly back and forth from the prey to the wolf pack they may be guiding wolves to specific animals the ravens have picked out as being slow, weak or ill.

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