Thursday, November 6, 2014

Animal Diversity Review

 Animal Diversity

1. What features of the Arthropods contribute to this group being the most successful group of animals?
2. What do all Arthropods share in common?
3. How are the Echinoderms different from the other invertebrate animals?
4. What are the characteristics of your Phylum?
5. Why are tunicates in our Phylum?

 Chordate Questions

1. To which group of mammals do you belong, and how are you different from a monotreme?
 2. Birds are part of the reptile clade, yet they are highly modified for flight. What are 3 adaptations they have to facilitate flight?
3. What makes a bird a bird?
4. How are reptiles better adapted for land than the amphibians?
5. Why do amphibians need to keep their skin moist?
6. Bony fish have some characteristics that the cartilaginous fish lack. What are these features and how are they a benefit to the bony fish?
7. What is present in the fins of the lobed finned fish?
8. How is a marsupial different from a monotreme?
9. What marsupial is found in the US?
10 Which group of chordates have the chordate characteristics as larvae, but retain the pharyngeal slits as adults?

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