Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bolsa Chica Birds, and others

The black skimmers are back! Mr. Covill told me earlier in the week he saw skimmers at Bolsa Chica, and I was able to photograph one today as it flew past. Skimmers are the only bird that has a lower jaw longer than its upper jaw. When they feed they fly low along the surface of the water with their lower jaw skimming along in the water. When it touches something (a fish one hopes) the bird snaps its jaw shut on the food. Because skimmers feed by touch, they often hunt at night.

My friend Jim, found this other animal. He heard it then he saw it. I was really glad I had my camera today, as the last time I saw pacific rattlesnake at Bolsa Chica I didn't have my camera with me. This is the most common snake at Bolsa Chica. My other friend Carrie saw the beautiful cactus in bloom, and I though you might enjoy seeing these wonderful blooms.

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