Monday, September 17, 2007

Sunrise on the Yellowstone River

Getting up before the sunrise is hard, especially when it is 22 degrees outside the tent. It's hard but worth it. There is no one on the roads, or at the view points. It is very quiet, very peaceful. As I drove along the road to Fishing Bridge to capture the sunrise on the Yellowstone River, I suddenly felt the urge to pull off the road and roll down the window. When I did I heard one of the Hayden Valley wolf packs calling to each other in the early morning fog. Hearing wild wolves howl is something one can only do in a few areas of the US. I felt very lucky that morning to have both seen them the evening before, and then to hear them. Certainly worth getting up for!

The sunrise that morning was breathtaking.


desiderata11 said...

Thank you for allowing others to see your wonderful photos!

Joe Shaw said...

Really beautiful shots. I enjoy seeing all the pictures of your travels!