Monday, September 17, 2007

What Connie looks like at 22 degrees

Being from Southern California, it is not often I encounter cold temperatures. However, I knew it could get cold in Yellowstone in September, especially at the higher elevations, so I came prepared. The reason I look somewhat pregnant in the picture below is because I have five layers of clothing on my upper body. I know those of you raised in cold climates may think I am a total wimp, but the high that day was 46. In Southern California 46 is a night time low in the winter, not a day time high in September! So through the day I think I shed one of the layers. Oh- the fleece gloves I had with me came off just long enough to set the self timer on the camera and take the picture.

Here I am a couple of days later at a lower elevation in the park where it was in the 70s during the day. This area, in the northwest part of the park, forms some of the winter range for the Bison, elk, bighorn, and pronghorn in the park, and of course their predators.

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