Friday, May 30, 2008


On the trips I took in May I found myself drawn to details, mainly to details in nature. Sure I took photos of big picture subjects too such as Zion Canyon from the trail leading to Hidden Canyon, but I was very drawn to smaller subjects. Now, of course, this may have just been because stopping to photograph flowers, or patterns in the rocks gave me a chance to catch my breath as I climbed up the switchbacks leading to Hidden Canyon, but the interest continued beyond that trail.

Tracks in Cathedral Valley. 

Do you see the face made by the moss and lichen?

Water-smoothed canyon walls in a narrow canyon.

Patterns of light and shadow in leaves along the trail to Hidden Canyon.

Contents in the cupboard of an old cowboy cabin in Cathedral Valley.

This horned lizard, closely followed by a smaller one,  darted across the dirt road in front of me as I was driving out of Horseshoe Canyon. I stopped to photograph them in the road when suddenly a jeep approached. I am not sure what the people in the jeep thought as I madly chased the lizards around the road to get them out of the way of the approaching car. 

Cactus flower just budding out in Zion National Park

This image of new growth on a conifer was taken at the Foxfire Gardens in Marshfield Wisconsin. This is a private garden on about 80 acres that is owned by a couple who have slowly turned their property into a tranquil, shady retreat. They are very kind to share this with the public at no cost. 

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