Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Great Gallery

The Great Gallery is a spectacular series of pictographs in Horseshoe Canyon in a very remote part of southern Utah. During the 3 mile walk to the Great Gallery one passes a series of other panels while walking in a canyon with walls of towering sandstone.
This is the first panel I saw in the canyon, and it has one of my favorite rock art images in it. The figure of the bird/human below being released perhaps by the figure below it, invokes to me the desire to be able to fly.

These figures are the most famous of those in the Great Gallery panel. The entire panel is about 100 feet long, and many of the figures are over 6 feet high. They were painted thousands of years ago with mineral based pigments.  

If you plan to do the 6.5 mile round trip walk to see these images, be sure to bring plenty of water. Even in mid May it was in the 90's on the canyon floor. The trail head is accessed by traveling about 30 miles on a dirt road. When I drove it in May it was in fine shape, but after a rain the road can become impassable so check with the rangers at Canyonlands National Park, or with a local BLM office about the condition of the road. 

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