Saturday, February 7, 2009

Darwin Day Special: National Geographic's new show "Morphed"

National Geographic is broadcasting a series of shows this week as part of a new series called "Morphed" You can visit the website here, and watch short video segments about whale evolution, the evolution from dinosaur to birds, and bear evolution.

I watched the video clips, and did cringe a bit when in the one about the transition ancestors of whales underwent from land animals to marine animals, the narrator talks about a paleontologist "going after the biggest fish in the sea." Whales, after all are mammals like you and me, not fish.

There is a great deal of information on the website including a short preview of a program on Darwin's notebooks that includes a re-enactment of Darwin in Patagonia.

The series starts broadcasting tomorrow.


Kelly said...

The narrators voice sounds familiar, I was trying to find out who it is, do you know? Thanks! Kelly

Ed said...

His name is Reg E. Cathey. Check out his info at