Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines Advice from Sage Grouse

Gail Patricelli from the University of California at Davis has discovered that to impress the ladies male sage grouse need more than a fancy dance and a big tail. The most successful males also responded to the behavior of females in subtle ways.

Groups of male sage grouse strut, inflate air sacs and make booming sounds in a complicated dance on a dancing area called a lek, while they compete for the attention of the females. Dr. Patricelli studied these behaviors with a camera ("called the fembot") disguised as female grouse. She found the few males which were successful in mating were those who were the most responsive to signals from the females.

So gentlemen, take a lesson from the sage grouse, and try a little sensitivity.
Take a look at the sage grouse display and the "Fembot" below

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