Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bolsa Chica Land Trust's nest cam

Thanks to all of my students who spent several hours Saturday helping to restore the Bolsa Chica Mesa by weeding non-native plants and watering the natives we planted earlier in the season. As part of the walk afterward you may have heard about endangered species that nest at Bolsa Chica. The Land Trust has just installed a webcam at one of the nesting sites for these endangered birds. Right now the nest cam is on the nest of a western snowy plover. The Department of Fish and Wildlife places wire boxes over the nest site to protect them from predators like crows. The snowy plover can still get to and from its nest, but crows and other predators are too big to fit through the wire mesh and get to the eggs. Due to heatwaves, the images from the nest cam are best in the morning. Click here to go the Bolsa Chica Land Trust's website where you can select the device you wish to use to see the nest cam. You can choose from a mobile device or desktop computer.

 This is a California least tern which is also an endangered species that uses the nest sites at Bolsa Chica

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