Saturday, December 1, 2007

Audubon Field Trip to the Wall

There was a nice group of folks this morning on the field trip to the glass wall of death surrounding the Brightwater development. Scott Thomas from Sea and Sage Audubon did a great job of describing the problem and bringing the group up to date.
A member of the press approached me to show him the decals on the windows. As I walked back to the main group after doing so I heard a man on the development side of the wall in a loud voice refer to us as "Wackos". He said something to the effect of "Those wackos are out there again." I didn't recognize his voice, but I would like to say to him-call us what ever you like, but remember many of us are the same "wackos" who cut the size of your development down to 350 houses or so from 4,884. Bolsa Chica means a lot more to us than the dollar signs in your eyes, and we are not going away.

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