Friday, December 7, 2007

Why the Glass Wall at Bolsa Chica Bothers Me So Much

Here are just a few reasons this wall does not belong at Bolsa ChicaPeregrine falcons were removed from the endangered species list in 1999. Their populations are stable to declining around the nation. They are commonly seen in the eucalyptus trees on the mesa.
Kestrels are our smallest falcon and can be commonly seen hunting near the wall.
This Belding's savannah sparrow is an endangered species, and a resident at Bolsa Chica.
Great blue herons nest in the eucalyptus trees on the mesa. Since they will eat anything small enough to swallow, they hunt on the mesa as well as in the wetlands.
White tailed kites roam over the mesa and wetlands in search of food. I saw one perched on the wall eating a mouse the other evening. How long will it be before in pursuit of prey it doesn't see the wall?Black skimmers fly low over the water to hunt and migrate to Bolsa Chica to breed in the summer. This is an elegant tern. Thousands of them nest at Bolsa Chica in the summer. They arrive in April or so and leave in the fall.

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