Sunday, July 22, 2007

Beautiful water beautiful day!

Hello All,
I got up early today and found two mockingbirds on my survey. Also saw lots of Darwins finches, yellow warblers, and a couple of the Galapagos fly catchers. After I got back we went snorkeling in clear blue green water. Angela, one of the professors on the trip calls the color of the water Galapagos Blue. It is a different blue than I have ever seen. It is almost a turquoise blue. I saw alot of very colorful fish I couldn´t identify, although I know I saw a couple of parrot fish. There was also a sea turtle resting on the sandy bottom of the bay. The sea lions were not as playful, but it was a great time anyhow.

After lunch I called my dad. It is his birthday today. My mom and dad were surprised to hear from me. The call was only .25 a minute. Before lunch I stopped by the bakery and bought a piece of the most amazing chocolate bread. Yum. It was more like a chocolate roll. The cost? Twenty five cents. I should have gotten more :)

The weather continues to be warm during the day and it cools off at night. I haven´t had to use the air conditioner in the room. Tuesday we are off for other islands.

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