Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Santa Cruz Island

What is it about 2 AM arrivals. First tanzania now Ecuador. No matter,I am here! We are in Santa Cruz and leaving this morning for San Cristobal. We have been to the darwin research station, and wandered around town, had great food, and seen amazing animals. So far the lava gull has been around the harbor, herons, pelicans, and two species of darwins finches! Marine iguanas, and beautiful sally light foot crabs on the rocks in the harbor! It was a beautiful morning today. We got up at 6 to walk and bird and photograph. The light was amazing. As we arrived via a short ferry ride to Santa Cruz we were greeted by hundreds of blue footed boobies diving for sardines in the bay. Hundreds at a time plunging into the water was a spectacular site!

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