Tuesday, July 17, 2007

geckos and w a ter quality

This morning was another water quality day and last night was gecko hunting. I had a group of four girls with me as we searched the walls and fences of houses near the ocean for geckos. There are at least two introduced species here and one native. We found one gecko, and had a friendly dog following us around for awhile.
This morning we were out in the bay again testing water. We had planned for two boats of kids, but yesterday were asked to make changes to handle three boat loads. I got o n the first skiff this morning,and that turned out to be the only boat that showed up to take students. So f rom three to one. We also got some plankton samples we will look at tomorrow in lab. I have not seen any Chatham mockingbirds. My project is to census the San Cristobal mockingbirds and I will start th atlater today.Since one of the the ohter students and i set up the whole water quality testing procedure we are getting a break f rom counting lava lizards today.

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