Sunday, July 15, 2007

School kids tomorrow

Hi All
Today we went and saw where the galapagos tortoises are being hatched and raised in a safe environment until they are old enough that they will not be preyed upon by the feral cats and rats on the island. We also walked to the top of a collapsed caldera called El Junco. Friget birds come and dip their heads in the fresh water lake that has collected in the caldera. This is the only fresh water on the island and is also the source of drinking water for the people on the island.

Tomorrow I start with the local kids. My team is taking on water quality testing in the harbor here. It turns out there is a sewer outfall of untreated sewage into the harbor not far from where we all went snorkeling the first day. Ewwww.

The weather continues to be great.

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