Monday, July 23, 2007

mockingbirds remain rare

Hi Folks,
I finished my mockingbird survey this morning with a 6 Am to 7 AM hunt for the birds. I heard two, but never saw them. I walked uphill out of town for an hour hoping to see some in the neighborhoods. I saw six smooth billed anis, which are an introduced species of bird known to prey on the nestlings and eggs of mockingbirds. I have really enjoyed all the public art around th is town. There are murals at all the schools,and there are at least 4 schools. There are large mosaics and painted plaster statues of tortoises, flamingos,and one that looks like the hulk pulling a fish out of water.
Tomorrow we leave on a 5 hour boat ride on a small boat to Floreana island and it d oes not sound like there is internet there. The settlement there sounds like it is very small. We spend one night there, then onto Isabela. The people here say Isabela is muy bonita, very pretty. We were told to buy snacks for the trip, so I am off to buy more of that wo nderful chocolate bread!

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