Thursday, July 19, 2007

tide pools with kids

Whew! What grand madness! We took about 60 kids ages 8 to 10 or so to the tidepools today. These kids are in a Navy School, and if it was in the US you would expect some regimentation. Maybe the kids would line up and march to the tide pools at least? Nope. It was more like herding cats, 60 of them down a road next to a quarry and then to the beach. Were they excited! We found an octopus, brittle stars, sea slugs and sea hares, and very frightened fish. The sea lions however were unfazed by the frenzy of small mammals running and jumping over rocks and into the tidepools.
I think we got all the kids back to the school. We were going to count them as we started back, but one of the teachers just started walking so they followed...
I did notice that none of their teachers came out into the tidepools with us. Instead they sat on the beach and chatted.

As far as my mockingbird research goes, I haven´t seen any in the natural area where I have been looking. Tomorrow I am going out at 6 AM to see if I have better luck in the morning. The weather reamins pleasant, and the sunsets fantastic. I am glad I have the wetsuiit. When we did our water testing we discovered the water is no warmer than 63 degrees. Brrrr

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