Saturday, July 14, 2007

Snorkeling with the sharks !

This morning we went out to kicker rock off the coast of San Cristobal to snorkle. We swam through a narrow channel between two pieces of the rock and swarming below us were galapagos sharks! There were multitudes of beautiful fish and we also saw a turtle in the water. On the rock face were bright orange sponges along with anenomes and swarms of fish. Afterwards we went to a beautiful white sand beach to warm up as those of us without the natural insulation I have were cold even with their wetsuits. Next was Lobo Island. Lobo as in sea lions. They were jumping out of the water as we arrived and surrounded us once in the water. I hope I got some good pictures of them. I shot a whole roll of film in the water while playing with the pups and their mothers.

Yesterdays hike was quite challenging as it was over lava rocks, but worth the effort as we saw red billed tropic birds and blue footed boobies and swallow tailed gulls. The walking stick I brought was extreamly helpful as I hopped from rock to rock. On the way back I fell and heard a loud crack. My walking stick snapped in half, but at least it wasn´t my leg....

lTomorrow we head for the highlands on a hike. I am feeling great and was just thinking today this town would be a great place to live.

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