Friday, July 20, 2007

Plant walk

Well I led the group on a plant walk today. This helped me learn alot about both the native and introduced plants on the islands. Did you know there are now more species of introduced plants on these islands than native plants? Some like guava and quinine have almost completely replaced the native plant communities on some of the inhabited islands.

I was doing a final walk through getting ready for the walk this afternoon, and while I was sitting and looking over my notes, I looked down and there were 6 to 8 ground finches right by my feet. They are every where and very tame. The other afternoon when I was in the internet cafe I looked down and there was a male yellow warbler right by my foot pecking at crumbs on the floor. He was just a couple inches from my foot.

Tomorrow we go to help remove black berry from the El Junco area in the highlands. Sunday is a free day, maybe more snorkeling with the sea lions?

Tuesday we leave San Cristobal for Isabela, Floriana, and Espanola.

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